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Meet Our Team

We're not your average clothing line, we are a family. A team of athletes, fitness influencers, and motivators that work hard not to only follow their own dreams but build a brand around great people that follow it. Join the movement today.




Where It All Started

Just a kid with a dream! Owner Julius Poole Jr. started off with just an idea and has created a fitness lifestyle brand that everyone can relate to. Fueled X Faith is not only powerful from the name but the meaning carries power as well. He gets his motivation from his father, Julius Sr. has been chronically ill for many years, near death ample amounts of times but is still fighting strong to motivate others. In September, 2017 the father and son sat down and talked, Julius' father wanted him to always be happy and follow his dreams. The very next day he started designing shirts and hasn't stopped since then. Focused and determined to motivate others to be #fueledxfaith