Legacy Leggings

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Introducing the legacy line ladies addition. The legacy leggings are custom designed. From the material all the way down to the stitching is directly from the drawing board. The special blend of material not only is soft but flexible and ready for any workout. These are high waisted and sweat-wicking. Comes in many Flattering, but reliable colors so they are not see-through.


  • nylon and polyester blend
  • high waisted 
  • soft and sweat wicking
  • squat-proof
  • 100% custom blend and design
   Washing directions
  • wash in cold water
  • dry on low heat or hang dry
  • recommend Turning inside out to wash

  Sizing Chart in inches

 Size        waist          hip

XS             21            29
S               23            31
M              24            33
L               26            35
XL             28            37

*** waistband is super stretchy will be comfortable***

*** sizing is average, so compare them to your favorite pair of leggings***

*** we have updated these leggings since the product shots. New versions contain less stitching and a tighter waistband***